Delta Kites

Deltas make wonderful first kites, as well as having great appeal for the experienced kite flier. These triangle-shaped kites come in many patterns, and an even greater range of sizes.   All fly extremely well, and are very simple to assemble and launch. Our on-line kite store has a great selection of delta kites.

We have them right up to a 19 foot wingspan, with enough pull to give anyone a good work-out on a windy day! Smaller ones, in the 4ft to 6ft range, are ideal for children, and need only the insertion of one strut to be ready to fly.

Deltas fly without tails, but look better and are more stable in higher winds with one of the many types of tail available in our range.  Smaller sizes of kite usually come with line, but you will need to order the appropriate line for the larger models.