Inflatable Kites

Inflatable kites, or soft kites, are just as the name suggests - they have no spars, and nothing to assemble. We have a good selection in our kite store.

Some of them fly independently, while others are really "line laundry," that is, they need to be hung on the line of a kite in order to fly.  That kite must be sufficiently powerful to give some lift to the line laundry item, so match the sizes accordingly.  On a very windy day, a smaller kite may suffice as it will have more lift.

If you attend a kite festival, the chances are that most of the big kites you see will be inflatables.  While the cost of the huge "show kites" may be out of reach for most of us, the more modest-sized kites here are just as interesting, and more fun as you can fly them yourself!