Parafoil Kites and Sled Kites

Our kite store has a great range of these popular kites.  Parafoil kites, and their cousins the sled kites, are the most convenient kites to pack and take anywhere.  The parafoils are completely soft (no sticks) and will fit in a corner of a travel bag, or even in a pocket.  They can be out of the bag and into the air in no time, and are very easy and reliable fliers - and of course, there's nothing to break and spoil the fun.

Sleds usually have very thin flexible spars to give them form, but can be folded.  Most of them use the drogue tail supplied with them as the bag when you have finished flying - very convenient!  Bigger models can have a lot of pull and may be used to lift "line laundry," which is the term for items hung from the kite line to enhance the display. 

Sizes vary from those totally suitable for young children up to ones that can give an adult a stiff workout in a strong wind.  For the biggest, the Megasled 81, you need to have somewhere to tie down the kite, as hand-flying for long or in high wind would become difficult.

Smaller kites, suitable for children, come with line.  When buying a bigger kite, be sure to order the correct line if none is provided with the one you choose.  Proper line of the correct test strengh is essential to avoid problems.