Specialty Kites

Specialty kites are those that don't fit into our other categories, so here you're likely to find something a little different and unusual which you may not find in other kite stores.

Aircraft kites/airplane kites are popular with budding pilots, and come in many styles.  Like the real thing they are modelled on, they usually fly well. Some may require adult help with assembly, but the young folk will be eager to fly solo once the kite is together.

Inflatable kites are soft (no spars) and filled by the wind to give them shape.  Most need to be supported on the line of a "lifter" kite, which can be any kite large enough to do the job.

Look also at the other interesting items in this section: you'll find flying frogs, pterodactyls, angels, ships, and even a heart, together with a whole lot of other strange and exotic-looking kites.