Rokkaku Kites

Our kite store has a selection of the best of rokkaku kites.  Rokkaku, named for the Japanese term for "six sides," are popular with those who want something a little different from the diamond or delta kite.  They require a little more skill in assembly and flying, but can be very rewarding.   They are sometimes used for KAP, or Kite Aerial Photography, which involves lifting a camera under a kite to gain an unusual perspective on the world.

These kites are a good platform for unusual designs, which show up well in the air.  Sizes vary from about 4ft to 7ft, with the larger ones having quite a lot of pull.  Rokkaku are not usually flown with tails, but they are good at lifting "line laundry" - items flown from the line of a kite, such as animal figures and spinners of various kinds, to enhance the flying display.

Older children or adults will enjoy the performance of these kites - they are not really suitable for the little ones.