Single Line Kites

Our online kite store is based in the USA, but we supply kites to most countries around the world.

Single line kites cover a great range, from the simple diamond kites often flown by children to the huge show kites seen at kite festivals around the world.  Small kites, big kites, kids' kites, show kites, we have them all.  Prices vary accordingly, so our online kite store has something to suit everyone, all from leading manufacturers.

Styles include sticked kites, such as diamond, delta, dragon and rokkaku, plus the soft kites inflated by the wind, including parafoils and sleds and the more unusual specialty kites.

If you're looking for kites depicting aircraft (aiplane kites are very popular right now), sea life, insects, butterflies, birds, or many other creatures, we have them all in our huge inventory - probably the best selection you'll find anywhere.

Most of the kites we sell are easy to fly, so it's really a question of what appeals to you.  Bear in mind that larger kites can have quite a pull and are not suitable for small children; they are, however, great fun for older children and adults.  If you are unsure what to buy, call or email us, and we'll be happy to give you some help.